Our membership works much the same as a roadside service membership that you have for your car.

We include 5 hours free labour with each membership per year and you receive discounted hourly rates after that.

Of course material costs are not covered by the membership but, our trade savings are passed on to you.

A one (1) year membership costs $200.00 (as at 1 July 2019) and multiple membership discounts apply. (Real piece of mind for less than 60 cents a day)

For full details and conditions for our memberships see below.

To print a membership form please click on the "Membership Form" tab at the top of the page.

“Membership Terms & Conditions”

Membership is renewable each year.

Membership includes five (5) hours FREE labour. (membership hours)

Any additional hours during the year will be invoiced at the discounted members “standard” rate.

Minimum charge per job is one (1) hour and charges accrue in half hourly increments thereafter.

Materials used during “membership hours” will be invoiced separately.

Membership hours are not transferable between properties.

Unused membership hours are carried over to the following year at the rate of 50%.

Carry over maximum of 10 hours.

Services NOT included in “membership hours” or at “discounted standard rate” :

- Major plumbing.

- Appliance repairs.

- Blind repairs.

- Floor covering installation.

- Re-glazing of fixed windows.

- Any other work that may pose a risk to the health and/or safety of the trades person.

The above listed “specialist” services will be quoted in writing, if/when the need arises at members specialist rates.

Membership number must be quoted when ordering work or non-member invoices will be raised and will be payable in accordance with normal terms of trade.

Invoices are raised weekly and payment terms are STRICTLY 7 DAYS.

Any queries or concerns should be addressed to the Manager ( Gregg Noel Ph: 0412-312-685) or write to:

P.O. Box 263, Seaford. S.A. 5169

or Email: admin@propertymaintenancesa.com

Serving South Australia since 1991